It’s Britney, Pitch…

Okay. I was fully planning on getting back into blogging this week with some amazing and thoughtful posts about identity theft, the first lady, and surviving Ikea. While those are all coming, I was bombarded on Facebook by a completely insane story gone viral.

Britney SpearsBritney Spears.

A supposed track by Britney Spears without auto-tune was “leaked” onto the internet and people are going insane.

As it was the top story in my trending topics on Facebook, I took the bait and gave it a listen. It’s not the greatest, but in listening you can tell that something is up.

Please take a quick listen for yourself:

And here we have the power of the internet.

I have been a fan of Britney Spears since day one and I know she isn’t perfect. I remember being shocked hearing her sing live during the “Femme Fetale Tour” because the “Circus Tour” had been fully phoned in.

Once the track hit the internet the conspiracy nuts went crazy and the ‘Alien’ producer William Orbit was quick to defend the singer in an online statement. He claims that it was a warm up session.

I think it was all for not.

Listening to the track on the Perez Hilton site (this same track was posted to the Huffington Post) I think it’s obvious that the CD version was manipulated by someone with too much time and a decent computer.

Another reason why I’m calling “BS” on this whole thing is that there was now at least three different versions of this “leaked” track circulating around the net.

I am taking the time to write about this because it shows the power the internet has over people. Britney has been the subject of scrutiny since day one and I will admit that some of it is justified. This however, is a fantastic example of cyberbullying.

People are attacking Britney and saying some pretty terrible things. Thankfully she has been dealing with by using my rule #1 when it comes to bullies: Don’t Respond.

The Britney camp has yet to respond this track in any way with the statement from Orbit being a standalone response.

I think Chris Crocker said it best, “Leave Britney alone!”

Let’s focus on bigger issues people and don’t believe anything you find online without researching it a bit, especially if it shows up on your Facebook trending feed.


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