Summer Safety in the Online World

It’s hard to believe that summer is right around the corner and for some places, it’s already here! With school out of session, screen time for tweens and teens is likely to increase as they make plans with friends and share photos from vacations. There’s a good chance that much of that time will be … Continue reading Summer Safety in the Online World

I Promise I’m Still Here

For just a quick moment I want you to imagine me walking up to a lone microphone standing on an empty stage. It’s lit by a spotlight and everything else is dark. The stage. The audience. Darkness. Then I emerge and walk up to the microphone. I even tap it a couple times for comedic … Continue reading I Promise I’m Still Here

Twitter Polls Become Cyberbullying Tool

In late October of this year Twitter introduced a new way for its 500 million users to interact with one another by launching Twitter Polls. While Twitter has always offered ways for users to gather information and opinions through hashtags or simply having users cast their vote through either retweet or favorites, this new polling … Continue reading Twitter Polls Become Cyberbullying Tool

New Owner Wants To Eliminate Bullying, Moves Company to the US

In summer of 2013, popular social networking site brought bullying back to the forefront of the minds of people around the world, sparking debates on privacy and digital responsibility (see What Parents Should Know About Ask.FM) The site allowed users to interact anonymously by asking and responding to questions. Naturally, young users took advantage … Continue reading New Owner Wants To Eliminate Bullying, Moves Company to the US