Dale Hansen Stands Up to Michael Sam’s Critics and It’s Amazing

I was fully prepared to write something insanely amazing about the Michael Sam story. While I’m not much of a sports person (read: I’m not a sports person at all), I do pay attention and I am a human being. I started writing and then I found something that said it all better than I ever could have.

MichaelSamThanks to Facebook’s trending topics, I became aware of the Michael Sam story but didn’t give it much thought until I heard about Sports Illustrated’s story on the matter. Story writers Pete Thamel and Thayer Evans headlined “How will news that Michael Sam is gay affect his NFL draft stock?” Thamel and Evans reported that they spoke with “eight NFL executives and coaches.” They granted them anonymity in exchange for “their honesty.”

The words that followed were mean-spirited, bigoted, and ignorant. Something we’ve learning from kids using FormSpring and Ask.FM is that allowing anonymity is just like granting a license to get away with murder.

Rather than standing by and keeping quiet, Dallas Sports Anchor Dale Hansen speaks out against Sam’s critics during his “Hansen Unplugged: Celebrating our Differences” segment this past Monday night.

Check it out:

I am immensely proud o f Mr. Hansen who is opening some amazing doors with a few simple words. He is telling his views that he just wants to see this guy play and doesn’t care who he falls in love with. He is a conservative man in a conservative town. He is telling his audience to feel the same way. Perhaps they will, perhaps not. Frankly I see this as a great leap in the right direction for our country, for humanity.

Josh Gunderson is an award-winning Bullying Prevention and Social Media Specialist. Josh has appeared on MTV, Comedy and National Geographic. For more information about Josh and his educational programs please visit www.HaveYouMetJosh.com

You can purchase Josh’s book “Cyberbullying: Perpetrators, Bystanders & Victims” on Amazon! Available in paperback or for Kindle.

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