Twitter Polls Become Cyberbullying Tool

In late October of this year Twitter introduced a new way for its 500 million users to interact with one another by launching Twitter Polls. While Twitter has always offered ways for users to gather information and opinions through hashtags or simply having users cast their vote through either retweet or favorites, this new polling … Continue reading Twitter Polls Become Cyberbullying Tool

Bullies Don’t Take a Vacation

I've noticed as I've gotten older that each year seems to go by faster and faster. 2015 was no exception. I can barely remember Halloween and my tree is up and my halls are decked. The holiday season has arrived! Winter vacation is quickly approaching and people all over the world are gearing up to … Continue reading Bullies Don’t Take a Vacation

What Parents Should Know About Ask.FM

This week continues my regular series "What Parents Should Know." This week's entry was prompted by recent events.  Have something you’re wondering about? Send me a message and I’ll do my best to find an answer: Following the August 2 suicide of Hannah Smith, parents have become very concerned about their kids using the … Continue reading What Parents Should Know About Ask.FM