Where Did the Summer Go?

It was just two months ago that I was joining so many in welcoming the warm weather to Boston and making such wonderful plans for the summer. It was also at this time that I was looking forward to the fall. I began my weekly visit to a local Starbucks to begin writing my first book and working on my all new blog.

Now I find myself reaching for a light jacket in the morning and enjoying the lack of humidity that can only mean one thing, fall is coming.

I have to admit that 95% of the things I wanted to get done in the last two months still remain on my to-do list. I never made it to Six Flags this summer which is kind of disappointing. On the plus side, next week I head down south for some pretty fun events like my sister getting married and a mini-vacation at Disney World. I guess I can’t complain.

Today, I put the summer behind me and continue to looking forward at what the fall has to offer! My calendar is starting to fill with amazing new opportunities. I will be returning to Hawaii to meet with students and parents, visiting states I have never been to before, and so much more. To see where I’m going, check out my Tour Page. More dates are being added every day and I can’t wait to see where this year takes me.Josh Gunderson20130225_013

I am also welcoming some new programs into my repertoire. Early this year I introduced “Your Digital Life” a much needed update to my “Hooked on Facebook” program. In addition, I have developed all new workshops and programs for Parents and Educators.

For Parents I have “Breaking Down Digital Walls“, a look at what parents should know about the world of social networking and how to raise the best digital citizens possible. For educators I have “Social Networking in the Classroom” based on my blog series of the same name. The workshop helps educators learn to work with social networking in schools to better educate students on creating a positive digital footprint and creating more engaged learners.

I will also be continuing my blogging along with the help of occasional contributors. Blogging over the past two months has been nothing short of amazing. Since my first post in June, my blog has been viewed in 49 countries by thousands of readers! Knowing that I have been able to impact so many with what I write is rewarding in ways I can’t even begin to describe!

I look forward to sharing my insights and adventures in the near future.

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Thank you so much for reading!


Josh Gunderson is an award-winning speaker specializing in Internet Safety and Cyberbullying. For more information on Josh and his educational programs please visit www.HaveYouMetJosh.com

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