Put Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger on the Air: A Love Letter To TV Execs Everywhere

UPDATE: Have you heard the good news? Check out my latest entry about Joe Ledger coming to the small screen!

It has come to my attention that, once upon a time, there was an television executive that had a choice to make. On his desk sat two potential shows that he had the power to put on the air. He could choose only one. Show #1 was Department Zero an adaptation of Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger Novels, Show #2 was the re-boot of Charlie’s Angels.

He chose wrong.Joe-Ledger-by-Jonathan-Maberry

Now, if you haven’t read the books and short stories- you’re doing it wrong. Summer is here and there are no excuses! All of your shows are on hiatus so you have plenty of time to catch up. These books are brilliant. I discovered Patient Zero (Joe Ledger #1) on accident and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve now made it a point to re-read the series before each new book comes out…I regret nothing. Start with Patient Zero and consult this awesome guide for where to go from there.

I could go on and on about how AWESOME the books are but I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.

I am of the firm belief that Department Zero (it took a while but that name grew on me) would be a hit show for a number of reasons. The first is that we are seriously lacking in a good serial action show. Department Zero would be a healthy mix of everything we loved about 24, Fringe and The X-Files just to name a few. And let’s be honest, turning books into TV shows is all the rage! True Blood, Game of Thrones, Dexter- come on major networks, get with the program! Actually, if ABC, NBC, and FOX don’t want to get with the program, I can totally see Department Zero on Showtime (hint hint Showtime, you’re losing Dexter this season… 2014’s new hit? I think so!) There are already five books in the series- the work is already pretty much done for you!

Why would this make a good show you ask? Let’s discuss.

Season 1: Zombies

But Josh, you say, we have The Walking Dead! That show is dead to me. I’m sorry, I loved the first season but after season 2 I got really bored. Granted I hear season 3 made up for it but I’m waiting until it’s on Netflix and I’m out of things to watch before I pass judgment. Now as much as I love Zombies I think one season of them is enough, which brings us to…

Season 2: Evil Genetic Experiments and a Mad Scientists!

Come on! What’s not to love there?! Seriously.

Now I’m not going to give anything away but go read The Dragon Factory and tell me you wouldn’t want to see that played out on screen! If you do…you’re a liar. A DIRTY ROTTEN LIAR!

A Solid Show Structure

The books already lend themselves to a solid TV format. Now, I never watched 24 (sue me) but I can see Department Zero played out the same way. Why? Because that’s how the books are already written.

Action. Adventure. Hot, Butt-Kicking Dudes. SERIOUSLY?!

This is a TV show I would watch, regularly. Who am I? I’m a guy that enjoys good TV. Now I don’t spend every waking moment in front of the boob-tube but when I have time to sit and watch TV- Department Zero is the type of show I’m looking for. So much to look forward to every week. Even though I know the books inside and out (I’ve read them all at least three times, including Extinction Machine which just came out!) I love them in print, I love the audiobooks, I love the short stories and I would love the TV Show.

I’d keep going but there’s no reason, I’ve made my point. The books are awesome and it stands to reason that the TV show would be as well.

So there it is TV Executives. The ball is in your court. Could you please consider it (I’m not only asking as a fan, I’m asking as the dude that wants to play computer nerd extraordinaire Bug…. seriously have your people call my people… I don’t have any people, you’ll just be calling me. I want the part.)

I thank you for your time and consideration. Now stop putting stupid shows and re-boots on the air and get rolling on Department Zero!



3 thoughts on “Put Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger on the Air: A Love Letter To TV Execs Everywhere

  1. I am behind you 100% on this. Every season i sit back and watch the previews to dumb shows they want to air. Makes no sense to me at all. I have read this series probably 5 times through and have already pre-ordered code zero (which does not come out till march 2014). I would love to see this series put on tv. I am glad someone took the time to put this out there, thank you!!

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