The Cory Monteith I Knew

I was like many others this morning. I woke up to the news that Glee actor Cory Monteith had died in his hotel room in Vancouver. I find myself at a loss.

RIP Cory Monteith

I met Cory a little over two years ago when the Glee tour was stopped in Boston. I was walking through the TD Garden on my way to catch a train when a friend working on the crew stopped me to say hi. We chatted for a bit and he asked if I wanted to meet some of the people from Glee. I was a freshly minted Gleek at that point so the idea seemed like a good one. The meet and greet had just ended and Cory, Kevin and Naya were just hanging out as the meet and greet just ended.

My friend introduced me and they were all so wonderful. I remember talking with Cory about what I do for working in terms of touring around the country speaking on internet safety and bullying. He was so nice and seemed genuinely into the conversation we were having. When we were done talking he shook my hand and wished me the best. I told him I hoped he had a great show.

He asked where I was sitting and I told him I wasn’t seeing the show, I was just passing through on my way home. He said that was too bad. I agreed and took my leave. Our paths had no reason to cross after that so that was my only time meeting him.

It was a short and simple interaction but it stuck with me and it was the first thing I thought of this morning when I heard the news.

One thing that have really bugged me over the course of today was people posting things like “what a loser junkie” and “why should we be sad, he did this to himself.”

Cory had his issues. He went to rehab a was doing everything he could for himself. He was open and honest about it. Cory wasn’t your typical party celebrity who took advantage of his fame and decided to go on a binge and party his life away. He was a young man who battled with drug addiction from the age of 13. Something that started as a choice at a young age took control of his life. He was someone who was aware of this issue and the possibility that he might not beat it.

In times like this it’s important to remember the person that we knew and loved. To the world he was Finn Hudson. To Lea Michelle he was a fiancé. To his parents he was a son. He was a friend and a brother.
Cory I thank you for that conversation. I thank you for the handshake. It will be heartbreaking not to see you when the new season of Glee rolls around this fall.

You were taken too soon and I can only hope that you have found your peace.

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